Office/Industrial Leasing

Scott & McCune Company provides the essential service of leasing office and industrial properties, including advising the client as to market rates, terms and conditions. Filling vacant space is a critical element to any commercial property. Scott & McCune’s goal is to assist the client in achieving maximum value for his leased property.

Investment Services

Whether in favorable or difficult investment markets, every client needs the advice of a professional to help in making important investment decisions. Scott & McCune Company’s professionals are experienced in areas such as market value, market trends, capitalization rates and demographic analyses. This invaluable service is provided to the client in order for him to make the most informed investment decision.

Management Services

Every property has day-to-day issues, ranging from rent collection to taxes, to the most mundane things as light bulbs and paper towels. Scott & McCune Management Services provides a smooth daily operating environment, giving both the landlord and tenant service satisfaction.